Spreading Holiday Warmth

Matt Wilk, Energy Corps member with the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia (ECA) wrote this blog entry about an important program he has worked on in the course of his service.  Matt writes:

As people’s lives get busier and busier, it’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day trivialities and forget the real reasons why we do the work we do. I think it is incredibly important, especially around this time of the year, to remember the reasons why we do the work we do. It’s really interesting being on the fundraising side of non-profit work. I’m always drawn to finding the subtle, emotional thread which runs through the work people do and draw attention to it.

I really like doing work which reminds people of the impact ECA has on the lives of thousands of people in the Philadelphia area. One of the projects which I will shamelessly promote here is our annual ECA winter fundraising campaign. Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed a number of elderly citizens who have been recipients of our heater hotline service. I interviewed Ms. Hilley earlier this week, an elderly woman who received a free heater from us earlier this season. Ms. Hilley is 80 years old and didn’t have the funds to fix her broken heater, let alone afford a new one.  She said “Thank God for ECA, I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t get the heater from you.” It was incredible hearing the level of enthusiasm Ms. Hilley had, as the quality of her life dramatically improved after she received a free heater from us.

Ms. LouisePeople like helping one another, and the positive feelings associated with it. I’m glad that I can help spread the holiday warmth by reminding the people who work with ECA of the positive influence we have on our community.

Ms. Louise, a recipient of our Heater Hotline service remarked “You’d be surprised that a lot of people don’t know about elderly people living without heat. I’m very thankful to have Heater Hotline because without it, I don’t know what I’d do each winter.” Read the rest of her story here.




member_matt-wilkMatthew Wilk completed his studies at Marist College, majoring in Communications with a minor in Public Praxis. He has experience coordinating public service events, preparing interactive environmental educational activities and making documentaries. Matt will be the Communications and Development Member at the Energy Coordinating Agency. He will prepare proposals, deliver region-wide presentations and ensure the sustainability of ECA’s services in the community.

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