Target Communities

Street View of Glasgow, MT
The Energy Corp Program targets communities state-wide that have energy assistance needs and untapped opportunities for organization at a community level. Placement communities are identified based on those specific community energy needs, as well as collaborations with partner groups who can help determine how Energy Corps members can be most beneficial in a particular community.

In addition to those communities with pre-identified energy needs, low-income to moderate income Montanan’s across the state are struggling with their energy bills and need information about energy assistance programs they already qualify for, or ways they could improve their consumption by installing minor energy efficient measures or behavior changes. Only a small percentage of qualifying homes take advantage of the energy assistance programs available to them and few know the steps to take to reduce their energy consumption. The Energy Corps Program will assess homes and communities that are in need and determine who best to partner with to get Energy Corps members into those communities to improve the situation for those residents in-need.