The Rewards of Weatherization

Since September Eileen and I have been weatherizing homes pretty much non-stop.

Between making mailing lists, stuffing envelopes, calling customers, scheduling customers, rescheduling customers, and finally weatherizing customers its safe to say it has been a hectic few months. Despite how hectic those months have been they have also been very rewarding.

One rewarding aspect of weatherizations is getting to see so many different towns in Montana. It’s hard to keep up with all the towns we go to, usually one a day but sometimes even two a day. Being able to travel and Montana and see even more of the beautiful scenery has been great!

Weatherizations have also allowed for me and Eileen to meet many different people every day. We’ve met so many different people ranging from young to old, with such different backgrounds, it has been a rewarding experience just to meet all these people and hear their stories. Another rewarding aspect of meeting so many people has been discovering just how nice most Montanans are. I knew the minute I arrived in Montana the people were nice but I never suspected that just about every customer we would visit would be so welcoming to two random women coming into their homes. These customers make it their mission to make us feel comfortable while we are there and even after we leave, some even call our office leaving a voicemail to thank us for all that we have done. These people have truly made my time in Montana and AmeriCorps just that much better.

member_rachael_bramblettRachael Bramblett studied at Appalachian State University and is well versed on topics of sustainable development, wind power, micro-hydro, photovoltaic, solar thermal, biofuels, and sustainable/green building design. Rachael will provide renewable energy and energy efficiency education through public outreach. Additionally, she will be installing light weatherization kits in several hundred homes across the state of Montana.

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