Energy Corps Introduces Leadership Teams

Energy Corps has recently introduced a new aspect to its program, Leadership Teams.

These teams were created to foster member development as professionals and leaders, create an all encompassing and meaningful member experience, and provide a chance for members to become more involved in the program on a national level.

The three teams address different aspects of being an Energy Corps member, these teams are;

Media Team – This team will promote awareness of the Energy Corps program and it’s projects by collecting and sharing stories and details of member service. They will be the reporters and journalist of Energy Corps. Keep your eye out for the work of this team showing up on the Energy Corps website, twitter, facebook and local media outlets as they spread the good word!

Community  Building and Service Team – This team will help members within the Energy Corps program utilize best practices for coordinating  energy related community projects and service events and effectively measure and maximize their impact. They will be the event coordinators of our program and help members throughout the nation better server their communities.

Member Resources and Tools Team – This team will be constantly striving to collect and share the best, most accurate and well informed resources available to the rest of the members for the benefit of the program and its projects. These are the tech support and librarians of Energy Corps, and instead of having every member do their own “google” search for material, the resource and tools team will be compiling information to make sure that all of our members are using the most up do date information.

Each team will be made up of 10-12 members, with equal representation from each state.  They will meet at least once a month via conference call, and utilize a google site/wiki to communicate and collaborate on their projects.

We are very excited for our members to start communicating more regularly with other members outside of their state programs and creating long lasting networks that will serve them during this year and in to the future. When looking at the member bios page, its hard not to think these members will be going on to “do big thing” with their careers, and we hope that being on a Leadership Team can be a solid stepping stone for their future endeavors!

View the presentation on the teams here

Post by PA State Coordinator Jordan Goldsmith

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