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Typically, a new year brings New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to quit a dirty habit, start a new diet and exercise regime, or learn a new skill, the beginning of a new year inspires many people to change something about themselves that will bring both challenge and reward. As the ball dropped and toasts were made I couldn’t help but to feel…apathetic. I’ve never been huge on resolutions as change doesn’t faze me in a huge way. Sure, I’ll hit the gym more but that isn’t helping anyone but me, and I don’t necessarily want to start a new year on a self absorbed note.

During an 8AM meeting on my first day back to work, the Montana Energy Corps members met with our Program Director to discuss the many exciting upcoming events planned through the end of our respective service terms. Since Rachael and my hands-on installation work will quickly come to a close, I want my resolution to prioritize ‘service to others’ for the next four months, if not the rest of 2014.  Between the Harvesting Clean Energy Conference, Engineers Week, and the Serve Montana Symposium, I know that I have a lot in store for professional development and general knowledge acquisition. However, now my challenge is how to translate these experiences to the mission of Energy Corps and The National Center for Appropriate Technology. How can I use the knowledge I gain and the social networking I accomplish to serve others? What unmet energy needs can I address in the next four months? I’m not sure how this resolution will play out, but it is with a new vigor that I immerse myself into the final chapter of my service term.

member_eileen_munschEileen Munsch graduated with a B.S. from SUNY Geneseo. Eileen went on to volunteer with the Student Conservation Association and AmeriCorps NCCC. After this, she worked for the YMCA of the Rockies as an outdoor educator, The Oregon Department of Forestry as a Wildfire Suppression Specialist and The Nature Conservancy as a Fire Management Technician. She is looking forward to her year of service with NCAT as a weatherization and energy educator.

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