Montana Energy Corps Members Attend Mid Term Training on AmeriCorps Week

Montana Energy Corps Members attended Mid-Service Training in Helena over the course of three days filled with various activities. Day one consisted of workgroups and information exchange among all the Montana Energy Corps members from around the state. Members provided updates of work to date on their current projects and shared resources with one another. The members also benefited from a session on the essentials of fundraising from an experienced consultant Peggy Owens from Sage Solutions Nonprofit Consulting, LLC.

On day two, Energy Corps members attended the RePowering Montana’s Communities: Local Energy Solutions Conference hosted by the Alternative Energy Resource Organization (AERO). Members were able to attend multiple presentations on energy issues around the state. Energy Corps members Lauren Casey presented on her work on the Repowering the Flathead campaign and Steven Eagle Feathers presented on Energy Fairs coordinated by members on the Fort Belknap reservation. All the members had ample opportunity to network with a variety of knowledgeable professionals in the energy field and were very widely recognized for their community efforts throughout the state.

In celebration of Americorps Week, Day three consisted of a community gardening service event coordinated by Energy Corps members Dane Celnicker and Devin Cowen in Cooperation with the Montana Governor’s Office of Community service. In spite of a rainy morning on Friday Americorps members from a plethora of programs around the state including the Montana Conservation Corps met to serve at the Selma Held Community Garden Project in Helena to make this project a great success. Volunteers also received a visit from Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and First Lady Nancy Schweitzer in appreciation of service on AmeriCorps week.

In the Photos:
Photo 1:
Energy Corps Member Lauren Casey Presenting at the Repowering Montana’s Communities Conference.
Photo 2:
Member Devin Cowen Getting things Done
Photo 3:
Dane Celnicker and Devin Cowen our Fearless Energy Corps leaders in this event work with conservation corps members to build fence.
Photo 4:
The Energy Corps Team!

Energy Corps Members Kaleena Miller and Andrew Valainis Teach Students About Wind Energy
Energy Corps State Coordinators attend NCVS

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