Energy Corps Members Kaleena Miller and Andrew Valainis Teach Students About Wind Energy

Montana Energy Corps members Kaleena Miller and Andrew Valainis participated in the Laurel Aviation and Technology Week on May 10th to give a presentation to six middle schools classes on wind energy. This event is designed to expose students to interesting developments in the technology industry.
Kaleena and Andrew worked with Energy Engineer Dave Ryan from the National Center for Appropriate Technology and Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Professor Robb Larson from Montana State University in Bozeman to develop their presentation, which was given to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. The presentation covered basic wind and energy concepts, renewable energy, and wind turbines, and was followed by a hands on activity in which the students assembled their own miniature wind turbines. The students were able to test different wind turbine blade shapes and witness how they affected the electrical output from the turbine.
NCAT and MSU are collaborating on the Montana Wind for Schools Program. The national program, launched in 2005 as a joint project by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Wind Powering America (WPA) program, promotes the installation of wind turbines at schools throughout the country and the implementation of renewable energy into the math and science curriculum. The Montana program has installed 11 turbines since its inception in 2008.
For more information visit the Montana Wind for Schools Program website

Photos: Energy Corps Members Kaleena Miller and Andrew Valainis helping students test their wind turbine assemblies.

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