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Check out Matt’s update on the Energy Coordinating Agency’s training courses:

mwilk ECAECA represents a number of things to Philadelphians. It is a beacon of hope for its low-income residents, a cornerstone of information for homeowners looking for tips on how to make their homes more energy efficient and a symbol of opportunity for people looking to strengthen their skills. There is a lot of potential for advancement in the field of energy efficiency through attaining certifications. ECA’s Knight Training Center helps people take that leap from a job to a career. You don’t have to look much farther than ECA’s head instructor, David Dennis as a testament to this potential.

David started his career in energy efficiency as a student at ECA’s training center in 2007 taking a retrofit installer course. Over the years he took over 20 courses and became one of the most certified instructors in the country. His experience as a student helped him become a more effective teacher, once he made that switch to the other side of the classroom.

mwilk ECA2Most certification courses take place in a classroom with minimal to no field work, however our training center has mock houses and construction labs for students to get hands-on experience and an opportunity to engage with the course material. Due to the sheer size of the training center, ECA is able to deliver a much more tailored training program. The vast majority of people training at ECA are local contractors looking to advance their careers in this industry. By being able to give hands-on demonstrations, our students are much more prepared for when they go out into the field.

ECA is currently filled to capacity in terms of training courses. We are currently offering courses everywhere from entry level training courses, to Home Energy Professional (HEP) training– the highest level certification available to professionals in the energy industry. At ECA’s Knight Training Center, we present the opportunity to create a more comfortable life for our trainees, as well as the families whose houses they work on.

member_matt-wilkMatthew Wilk completed his studies at Marist College, majoring in Communications with a minor in Public Praxis. He has experience coordinating public service events, preparing interactive environmental educational activities and making documentaries. Matt will be the Communications and Development Member at the Energy Coordinating Agency. He will prepare proposals, deliver region-wide presentations and ensure the sustainability of ECA’s services in the community.

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