AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Recycled Material Activity – Boston Mountain Solid Waste District – AR

One more from Arkansas – this is from Leah Saffian serving at Boston Mountain Solid Waste District.

Leah says;
“As part of our effort at Washington County to raise awareness about the dangers that plastic bottle caps pose to our environment, we initiated collection drives for the caps around the community.  Once a sufficient amount was accumulated, a group of 30 kindergarten through fifth grade students created murals from the caps, which we plan to have displayed at upcoming events and shows around Fayetteville.  Other “trash-to-treasure” materials, such as cardboard, tissue paper, and CD’s, were used to enhance the cap art.  This activity was reinforced with related presentations and reflective journaling.”

Energy Corps member Leah Saffian Helps out with a recycled art project.
A student makes art from recycled CD's.
The finished products!
ATAmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week Picture – Household Hazardous Waste Center, Arkansas
AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Residential Energy Efficiency – The Energy Coordination Agency – PA

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