AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Residential Energy Efficiency – The Energy Coordination Agency – PA

AmeriCorps member, Tina Tran describes her Energy Corps experience:

The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) in Philadelphia prides themselves in providing over 70,000 services to Low-Income households in the greater Philadelphia area. I was very excited to help ECA out with their goals.  Right now, I do outreach, coordinate and facilitate Energy Conservation Workshops within Philadelphia.  I also coordinate with ECA’s 14 Neighborhood Energy Centers (NEC) and other organizations setting up and facilitating Energy Conservation Workshops. Currently, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) and ECA are partnering up to educate 1,000 people, regardless of their income.  The Energy Conservation workshops demonstrate how renters and home owners can reduce their utility bills by reducing their energy consumption by turning down their thermostats during the winter and by weatherizing their homes with the conservation kits they receive at the end of the workshop.

When I’m not doing Energy Conservation Workshops, I help with the Low Income Conservation Program.  This free program assists low-income households with installing water conservation materials.  Some of these materials include aerators, low flow shower heads, flappers, faucets and toilet displacement bags.  My service with Energy Corps involves checking back with clients to see if they are satisfied with their products, providing additional  education and checking on quality of the water conservation materials.”

Parents are lining up to get their energy conservation kits at the end of workshop. These kits are comprised of a reusable plastic window kit, caulk gun, silicone caulk, Mortite (reusable caulk), foam weather stripping and door sweeps.
Tina Tran, Energy Educator from ECA, talks about Energy Conservation at Kensington CAPA High School for Green Your Home Fair on March 10, 2012.

During Fix a Leak Week, sponsored by Delta, ECA participates in installing water conservation materials in Ronald McDonald House. In this picture, Tina, from the Energy Corps, is installing an aerator, to reduce the amount of water flow in the faucet.
Posing for the camera are ECA and NEC representatives from left to right: Colette Davis, Energy Conservation Workshop Program Manager; Barbara McDuffie, NEC Manager and Workshop Leader; Tina Tran, Energy Educator and Energy Corps Member; and Lorraine Horton, LICAP Program Manager.
Group picture of Delta and ECA representatives after Fix A Leak installation.
AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Recycled Material Activity – Boston Mountain Solid Waste District – AR
AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Energy Audit – The Energy Coordinating Agency – PA

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