Pennsylvania Members Receive Scholarship for BPI Training

Pennsylvania Energy Corps members Dominick Grillo and Zachary Fairbrother both received scholarships from The Energy Coordinating Agency to attend Building Performance Institute analyst training. BPI is one of the nations largest and most recognized providers of weatherization and energy efficiency contractor certification, being certified ensures the person is knowledgeable and will perform quality work. A great first step to a career in Energy Efficiency! We posed the question to Zach and Dominick “What was your interest in becoming a BPI Analyst?”, and here is what they had to say;

Dominick Grillo – “I wanted to become BPI Building Analyst certified because it really does seem like an amazing job. Being certified is a practical skill set as well. Even if you don’t have access to the weatherization tools, being certified showcases your knowledge of heating systems, building
design, conservation methods, common building errors, and much more.”

Similarly, Zachary Fairbrother said “I have been surrounded by building analysts these past few months, reading and hearing everyday about environmental issues, new technologies, and building science. Getting a BPI certificate will teach me the ins and outs of building science and give me a solid foundation to explore the trade further and give me the necessary skills to get employment – it will give me the practical side of my training.”

Congratulations to both Dominick and Zachary and good luck on your BPI Analyst Certification Test!

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