Hydroponics Workshops

By Jennifer Walter

I just got done hosting my hydroponics webinar. It went well, I got good feedback and a few people showed interest in another in August (which I definitely will be doing).

The platform I went with was Google Meet for the webinar and it worked well. I used my laptop to present my screen and used my phone on a little tripod to show my hydroponic setup and to do demonstrations. Only thing with that is even if you mute the video and audio on the laptop you still need to put it in another room otherwise there is echo and high pitched ringing noise.

One thing I noticed is you do not see or hear people on the webinar. Sometimes they respond in the chat but I found myself feeling like I was talking to myself. I think it has to do with the fact that a good portion of people out here still do not have internet or a computer. Meaning most of them are going to the library or some other public place to use a computer. Maybe for the next one I’ll ask questions throughout the webinar to get more interaction.  I’ll figure something out.

I may not have been able to go to the reservations and do in person workshops or consultations but I am happy I at least got to do this.

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