Energy Corps Member Lauren Casey Teaches Middle School Girls About Renewable Energy

Montana Energy Corps Member Lauren Casey presented a session on Renewable Energy at the Flathead Valley Expanding Your Horizons seminar on May 17th. The EYH seminars are designed to interest girls in math, science, technology, and engineering, and to provide them with a chance to learn about prospective careers in those disciplines.

Lauren explained the concept of energy services – the ability to take hot showers, listen to mp3 players, and light our homes – and how energy engineers work to figure out how to provide those services in the best, most efficient ways possible.

The emphasis of the lesson was on renewable energy that provides power or heat on-site. The girls got to witness several systems in action on the demonstration trailer built by Mother’s Power, a local renewable energy company. The demonstration allowed the girls to enjoy wind powered music and solar oven warmed cookies, and to learn that even on a slightly calm, overcast day, renewable energy systems provide useful, valuable energy.

For more information check out coverage in the Daily Interlake, or visit the EYH website.

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