AmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week – Elementary Education/Community Garden – Fayetteville School District – AR

This is from Sammi Jones – serving with Fayetteville School District in Arkansas.

Sammi writes:

“Happy Hollow is a year-round elementary school with week-long “Intersession Weeks,” where some students come to school for activities that are fun and educational. I had the pleasure of teaching students about herbs for a few days during Intersession Week.

My goal was to help students describe and identify several different herbs.  I had a sample of seven herbs including basil, parsley, dill, sage, bay leaf, cilantro, and rosemary. I handed out herbs one at a time and asked students to describe how the herbs smelled and tasted.  After we described each herb, we had a blind smelling of the herbs. Students were blindfolded and asked to identify each herb held to their nose.  The kids were able to identify the herbs quite well!

The next day, we went out to the greenhouse to construct paper pots. We planted different herb seeds in the pots for students to take home. We then planted herb seeds in the garden space around the greenhouse. The students enjoyed getting their hands dirty and I really had a blast leading the class!”

Member Sammi Jones showing Happy Hollow students how to plant herb seeds in the garden.
Member Sammi Jones giving herb seeds to a student to plant in a paper pot.
Happy Hollow students, teacher Kathy Snodgrass, and member Sammi Jones in front of the school garden and greenhouse.
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