AmeriCorps Works Americorps Week – BioFuel and Weatherization Project – GTECH Strategies, PA

This post come from members Taylor Haag and Zaheen Hussain, serving with the Pennsylvania Energy Corps.

They write;

Taylor Haag and Zaheen Hussain are Energy Corps members working at GTECH Strategies. Taylor helps recycle used cooking oil from restaurants, cafeterias, and community members into biofuel. This week he has collected oil primarily from local churches donating their used lent fish fry cooking oil. The truck in the background is converted to run on straight vegetable oil.  As part of the Metro Scale-Up initiative, Zaheen has been canvassing neighborhood blocks to encourage residents to attend a public information session on home energy efficiency.  From speaking to residents, to leaving these door hangers, Zaheen is working hard to make the event a success.

Talor Haag and Zaheen Hussain pose with a truck converted to run on vegetable oil.
AmeriCorpsWorks AmeriCorps Week – Recycling, Arkansas Technical University, AR
ATAmeriCorps Works AmeriCorps Week Picture – Household Hazardous Waste Center, Arkansas

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