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As my service term with Energy Corps comes to an end I have taken the time to reflect back on these past eleven months. I began Energy Corps two weeks after my college graduation. As I arrived in Philadelphia to start my term with the Energy Coordinating Agency, I was uncertain about life after graduation. I was excited, nervous, and frightened all at once. I am proud to say the person who arrived in Philadelphia, is not the same one that is leaving. I will be leaving Philadelphia confident and sure of the skills and the abilities that I have acquired in these past eleven months. Energy Corps has prepared with skills to take with me not just into the workforce, but skills that are applicable to everyday life.

Alyssa tabling for ECA
Alyssa tabling for ECA

In my first blog post I wrote about a rain barrel and storm water workshop I held at the Salvation Army. I reflected on how I overcame my fear of public speaking and presented a workshop to 65 people. It was a great success and I presented two more workshops that same day. Seven months later at the end of my term, I took the time to compile all of my workshops that I have completed over the past eleven months. I learned that this once, very timid and terrified of public speaking girl, educated over 1,300 people in Philadelphia through public speaking events and workshops. Energy Corps has helped me push past fears and uncertainties I had about myself and grow into a more passionate, confident person.  I would have never thought that I would have been capable of educating that many people through public speaking. I will also be taking away the knowledge of how to coordinate a conference, how to do community outreach, and the first-hand experience working with a non-profit.

The personal growth that I experienced this past year is hard to grasp. But as I prepare for my next endeavor with an environmental non-profit called Rock the Earth, I am certain that Energy Corps and AmeriCorps have more than prepared me for this opportunity.

member_alyssa-burkotAlyssa Burkot graduated from Salisbury University in May 2013 with a BA in International Relations and minors in Environmental Studies, Conflict & Analysis and History. Originally from Sinking Spring, Pa, Alyssa has studied abroad in Morocco and India. She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe. These travel experiences have given her world perspective and awareness of environmental problems. At the Energy Coordinating Agency, Alyssa played an integral part in the planning and execution of a regional energy conference. She also organized and conducted weatherization workshops for community members.

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