Performance Measures and Evaluation


Here are some tools and how-to guides you'll find helpful in measuring the results of your Energy Corps work. There are examples of survey instruments that have been used by some host site projects and energy and environmental education organizations. Use parts or all of these tools as your circumstances require.

You'll also find brief, helpful guides on how to create performance measurement tools like surveys or interview questions. These documents are more general background materials.

This resource page will grow over time, and you can add items you think to be valuable under the proper heading. If you have any questions about these tools, please feel free to contact Al Kurki,

•  K-12 Energy Education •  Adult Energy Education
•  Hands-On Energy Assistance •  Background Materials

K-12 Energy Education

NEED's Blueprint for Success

This is an outstanding collection of teaching modules and evaluation questions on energy principles, types systems, use and production. Pages 18-31 feature Energy Polls — Energy Knowledge, Opinions and Leadership questions. The teaching and testing materials are geared for Primary (grades K-2), Elementary (3-5), Intermediate (6-8) and Secondary (9-12) levels.

→ Download it here: NEED's Blueprint for Success (PDF)

Some advice to Energy Corps members using this tool—use the opinion and leadership questions sparingly, as the Energy Corps energy education performance measure is aimed at changes in knowledge on energy topics. For more excellent examples of energy education tools, go the curriculum section of the Energy Corps Wiki Page. (requires login)

Adult Energy Education

Energy Awareness Workshop Pre-Test/Post-Test Survey

Developed by the Imagine Grinnell organization in Iowa, this survey is designed in such a way to get an energy workshop participant's subjective assessment of their knowledge level on specific energy topics before the workshop and after the workshop is over.
You can change the topic headings to match your workshop content. It's best to budget a few minutes at the beginning of the workshop to have workshop participants to complete the pre-test. The same holds true for the workshop post-test; give participants a few minutes before officially ending the workshop.
→ Download it here: Energy Awareness Workshop Pre-Test/Post-Test Survey (WORD)

The PM Back of the Post Card Questions

This is intended as the absolute bare minimum survey tool to use when conducting energy education with adults.
→ Download it here: The PM Back of the Post Card Questions (WORD)

Hands-On Energy Assistance

2012 Hands-On Assistance Service Quality Survey

This sample survey includes service quality questions that can be used with recipients of hands-on energy assistance provided by Energy Corps members, such as weatherization, direct one- on-one education coupled energy efficient product delivery (e.g., CFLs) and so on.
→ Download it here: Hands-On Assistance Service Quality Survey (WORD)

Energy Monitoring Device Recipient Survey

This sample survey was developed by the Commission on Economic Opportunity (in Pennsylvania) for its Weatherization Innovations Pilot Project. It's a mail survey that seeks to see what changes in behavior took place on the part of folks who received an energy monitoring device and direct one-on-one energy education. This instrument does NOT have directly stated service quality questions.
→ Download it here: Energy Monitoring Device Recipient Survey (WORD)

Background Materials

  1. Glossary of Performance Measurement and Evaluation terms (WORD)

  2. Common Methods of Collecting Data (WORD)
    —from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)

  3. 11 Proven ways to Improve Data Collection (WORD)

  4. Basic Types of Survey Questions from CNCS (WORD)

  5. Instrument Mapping Checklist from CNCS (WORD)
    —A set of questions to ask yourself before creating a survey or other performance measurement tool.

  6. Instrument Formatting Checklist from CNCS (WORD)

  7. Seeing the Change We Work For: Energy Corps Performance Measures webinar (PPT)
    —This is the March 1, 2012 NCAT Powerpoint presentation for Energy Corps members.
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