2015 Montana Host Sites

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Map of Montana Locations City of Butte, MT The National Center for Appropriate Technology Butte-Silver Bow City of Havre, MT Opportunity Link Bio-Energy Center City of Missoula, MT City of Missoula Sustainable Business Council City of Billings, MT BikeNet Recycle Montana Inc. Helena, MT Missoula, MT NWF YTCEC BikeWalk BikeWalk MT DEQ


Butte, MT

NCAT Logo1. National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) ~ Weatherization and Energy Educator → APPLY

  • Install light weatherization kits in homes around Montana
    • Member will be based in Butte, but will travel extensively within Montana for approximately five months of their term of service
  • Develop and conduct energy efficiency education events in communities around the state
    • Events will occur at senior centers and other community organizations where low income or disadvantaged persons will likely be in attendance.
  • Develop and conduct renewable energy seminars
    • These trainings will be held in local community settings such as libraries, local government buildings, schools, and at fairs. The focus of these trainings will be the opportunities and practicalities of solar and wind technologies applicable to residential customers.

BSB Logo2. Butte-Silver Bow ~ Recycling and Waste Reduction Educator → APPLY

  • Assist in the development and implementation of an improved residential waste collection system
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of several recycling infrastructure improvements/changes
  • Provide community education and outreach to communicate changes in recycling and waste services
  • Identify and assist in the implementation of several energy conservation projects in city/county government facilities


Havre, MT

Opportunity Link Logo3. Opportunity Link

  • Position description coming soon!



MSUN Bio Logo4. Montana State University Northern Bio-Energy Center ~ Bio-Energy Educator → APPLY

  • Assist the Director in developing a summer "science" camp for K-12, to be delivered in June of 2015
    • Develop program content based on bio-energy/bio fuels
    • Collaborate with Box Elder and Rocky Boy schools to coordinate summer activities
    • Collaborate with Boys and Girls Club to arrange June 2015 participation
    • Assist Director in writing fundraising requests to local grant sources
  • Outreach and Educational events
    • Participate in ABC biodiesel learning seminars as requested by community and K-12 schools
    • Perform tours of the Bio-Energy Center and activities as requested
    • Participate in Techno Expo as well as SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), and science fair education opportunities
  • Conduct a research project involving Camelina and woody biomass sources used for bio-based jet fuel
    • Implement research plan as outlined by Senior Research staff at Center
    • Present findings once experiments have been successfully conducted
    • Develop report of findings
    • Present findings at peer reviewed conferences
    • Publish findings

Missoula, MT

Missoula SBC Logo5. Sustainable Business Council (SBC) ~ Sustainability Educator → APPLY

  • Help to develop and implement themes and messaging for two Buy Local campaigns that will reach large audiences through newsletters, social media, tabling events, newspapers, and radio stations.
    • Buy Local and Sustainable Holiday Campaign
    • Buy Local Food Campaign
    • Gather and analyze pre- and post-campaign surveys to evaluate results
  • Collaboratively coordinate/plan all aspects of nine monthly educational events and one large annual lecture event
    • Develop program theme
    • Book speakers/panelists
    • Facilitate outreach via press releases, social media, etc.
    • Arrange event logistics
    • Solicit evaluations and other feedback related to events
  • Develop and pilot sustainability news reporting program
    • Attend local civic meetings, and research local, state, and national policies
    • Create educational and briefing materials and news updates on a monthly basis via SBC website, newsletter and social media
    • Solicit evaluations and other feedback to evaluate and refine program effectiveness
    • Establish program systems and protocols to facilitate continuation by interns in the future
  • Collaboratively identify and develop strategies for disseminating portions of an existing sustainability training program to new audiences online and via digital media
    • Research and update existing content
    • Develop infographics, short videos, webinars, web forms, and other online and interactive media, according to skills and interests
    • Pilot among small organizations to assess their sustainability impacts and set improvement goals
    • Evaluate effectiveness of improved program

City of Missoula Logo6. City of Missoula ~ Energy Conservation and Sustainability Educator → APPLY

  • Greenhouse Gas accounting and reporting
    • Most likely using ICLEI's ClearPath Tool as the foundation
  • Energy and utility tracking and reporting
    • Utilizing the FacilityDude Utility Trac Plus application
  • Interfacing with ADAPT, the cross-sector collaborative working on energy conservation, sustainability and climate change on a community-wide scale
  • Interfacing with MASC on the Zero Carbon Buildings Challenge
    • Challenge between the City of Missoula, University of Montana and USDA Forest Service Region 1
  • Research and presenting policy considerations
    • Topics to include green building or high performance building standards, anti-idling or other sustainable transportation concepts, cradle-to-grave sustainable procurement
  • Integrating energy conservation and climate change into employee and organizational culture and structure

NWF Logo7. National Wildlife Foundation ~ Wildlife Habitat and Sustainability Educator → APPLY

  • Community Wildlife Habitat Certification (80% of member's time)
    • Develop multi-year plan to achieve Community Wildlife Habitat certification and establish benchmarks to assess success, including specific goals for initial year of project work
    • Provide presentations to and seek input from potential partners and new participants/volunteers at large community venues, workshops, informal events, and individual meetings
    • Provide outreach at community events: tabling, sharing resources, recruiting volunteers
    • Recruit funding partners
  • Eco-Schools USA Education and Outreach activities (20% of member's time)
    • Collect information about existing Eco-Schools in Montana and identify opportunities to expand program in the state
    • Provide support for existing Eco-Schools, e.g. recruiting and training volunteers, achieving program goals, seeking recognition through Eco-School awards, and researching grant and other funding opportunities

Billings, MT

BikeNet Logo8. BikeNet ~ Educator → APPLY

  • Research programs that have resulted in increased walk/bike/bus rates for other communities
    • Identify comparable sized communities
    • Pilot those programs in the Billings community
    • Develop educational/motivational programs and interact with school/community events to encourage residents to walk and bike for transportation
  • Conduct walk/bike traffic safety skill training for community members
  • Facilitate Active Living Everyday Class Sessions
    • Promote Active Living Everyday Classes via social media, newsletters, flyers, emails, and at special events
  • Develop partnerships with local health clubs and gyms
    • Encourage members to use active transportation to and from their work out sites
  • Establish a group of community organizations to explore the creation of a "cyclovia" or "summer street" bike walk event
  • Analyze the economic and social benefits of a bicycle friendly community and its impact on the reduction of poverty and unemployment
  • Develop a pilot bike share system
  • Develop promotion and sponsorship of social marketing messages that relate to partner goals in health and wellness
  • Evaluate non-profit programs and projects for sustainability

Helena, MT

Recycle Montana Logo9. Recycle Montana Inc. ~ Educator → APPLY

  • Assist service organizations working to provide recycling opportunities
    • Audiences served include clients, schools and local governments
    • Tasks include assessing organization needs, provision of technical assistance, provision of education at school and community events
  • Recycling presentations
    • Audiences include K-12 schools, public and private higher education institutions, and community in conjunction with local and tribal governments.
  • Assist Recycle Montana staff in utilizing existing educational resources for recycling, establishing local guides for recycling, and develop best practices for recycling material that can be presented with school and community presentations and serve as a technical resource for communities, service organizations, and recyclers.

Bike Walk Logo10. BikeWalk Montana ~ Alternative Transportation Educator → APPLY

  • Conduct education and outreach relating to safe walking and cycling
  • Organize and assist in hosting the BWMT Annual Summit in the Spring of 2015
  • Assist with the BWMT First Annual Photo Contest
  • Develop promotional and educational materials for BWMT
  • Update website content, social media, and publish monthly newsletters
  • Increase membership of the BWMT organization
  • Research/identify grant opportunities
  • Assist with development of organizational capacity
    • Membership development strategies based on best practices

Montana DEQ Logo11. Department of Environmental Quality ~ SMART Schools Educator → APPLY

  • Target schools to enroll in SMART School challenges
  • Provide onsite assistance to school management, teachers and students on matters of energy efficiency, resource management, chemical use, indoor air quality, and other health and energy projects
  • Conduct baseline assessments of school energy use
  • Assist schools with navigating the energy performance contract process
    • Distribution of ideas and materials to school partners
  • Provide professional presentations to a multitude of audiences for SMART School initiatives

Bozeman, MT

Recycle Montana Logo12. Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition ~ Clean Energy Educator → APPLY

  • Expand Sustainability Series Project as well as their Energy Literacy curriculum
    • Organize and host monthly workshops around Montana
    • Provide citizens with resources to make more sustainable decisions in their everyday lives
  • Implement "Alternative Fuels in Transportation" curriculum
    • Collaborate with local schools and organizations to present lessons in grades 3-12
    • Host teacher-learning workshops to teach teachers how to use the curriculum in their classrooms

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