2016 Iowa Locations

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Grinnell, IA

Imagine Grinnell Logo1. Imagine Grinnell

  • Implement local energy awareness initiatives;
  • Educate community members about rain barrels;
  • Plan and coordinate 'green technology' tour of Grinnell;
  • Develop and maintain Grinnell community garden.

Hiawatha, IA

HACAP Logo2. Area Community Action Program (HACAP)

  • Promote energy efficiency and conservation through public trainings;
  • Educate residents about heating system maintenance and general energy conservation education. This may take place as part of a classroom presentation for groups or in conjunction with weatherization evaluations or inspections;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of school-based energy education.;
  • Assist in energy-related certification presentations;
  • Conduct residential HVAC education calls;
  • Assist with Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) overflow application intake and crisis energy assessment and resolution.

Iowa City, IA

Iowa City Bike Library Logo3. Iowa City Bike Library

  • Develop and implement a program to empower individuals in the community to maintain, repair and rebuild bicycles as their primary mode of transportation;
  • Develop and implement educational courses for non-profit community-based bicycle organizations that seed to train volunteers/staff in bicycle repair, effective, non-profit business strategies, and bicycle advocacy techniques;
  • Work with local youth development organizations to create a youth-focused program that will introduce adolescents to sustainability issues and using and maintaining bicycles as transportation;
  • Help create and implement a "vehicular cycling" course that will educate community members regarding techniques and regulations that encompass transportation cycling;
  • Build a broad community education approach that extols the merits of alternative transportation and seeks to encourage bicycle, pedestrian and mass transit alternatives.

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