2015 Arkansas Locations

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Fayetteville Logo1. City of Fayetteville Sustainability & Resilience Department - Energy Corps Member → APPLY
The City of Fayetteville Sustainability & Resilience Department seeks an Energy Corps member to serve as a Bicycle Coordinator to assist with implementing programs and events that lead to more sustainable transportation, promotion of healthy choices, and protection of resources in the Fayetteville community. The member will be involved in several projects including:

  • Developing educational programs to encourage residents to walk/bike for transportation by explaining the energy savings, monetary savings, and health benefits associated with walking and bicycling for transportation;
  • Engaging 200 individuals in structured education presentations and activities throughout the service term;
  • Piloting programs related to increased walk/bike rates in the community
  • Conducting a walk/bike traffic safety skill training;
  • Analyzing the economic and social benefits of a bicycle friendly community;
  • Organizing community events and ribbon cutting celebrations to promote cycling;
  • Conducting surveys, interviews and ridership counts to gauge success for programs, events and engineering improvements

Fayetteville Public Schools Logo2. Fayetteville Public Schools Sustainability Office - Energy Corps Member → APPLY
Fayetteville Public Schools seeks an Energy Corps member to introduce students to alternative transportation and advance the conversation in their communities and in their own families around healthier, more energy efficient and cost-effective transportation (biking/walking). The member will engage 4,400 3rd-8th grade students who are participating in the FPS Bike Ed program in structured educational activities including:

  • Teaching students about the health benefits, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of biking/walking;
  • Teaching students bike safety, skill, maintenance and information about the expanding trail system and coordinating an annual trail ride for each school to familiarize students with the facilities available for healthy, energy-efficient, and cost-effective transportation choices;
  • Assisting the FPS Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Task Force in assessing current walking and bicycling participation, programs, perception, and infrastructure around schools, participating in SRTS task force planning and meeting preparation, and developing an action plan to get more students walking and bicycling safely to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for transportation to and from school;
  • Providing support to ensure program goals are met and students and teachers have an enjoyable and educational experience;
  • Assisting in conducting pretests and posttests to document FPS students' increased knowledge of bike and trail safety and the health benefits, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of biking/walking

Fayetteville Logo3. City of Fayetteville Community Resources Division - Energy Corps Member → APPLY
The City of Fayetteville Community Resources and Solid Waste & Recycling Divisions seek an Energy Corps member to provide educational and community outreach support for two programs:

  1. Community Resources Division - The member will provide hands-on assistance to 100 low-income households through distribution of the CDBG Energy Efficiency & Weatherization Kit Program throughout the City in accordance with HUD guidelines:
  2. Solid Waste & Recycling Division - The member will engage 500 individuals in structured energy education activities throughout the service term by providing recycling and trash information door-to-door in low-curbside-recycling-participation neighborhoods in order to help reach the City goal of 70% participation in by 2015.

Little Rock

4. Ouachita Electric Cooperative c/o Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative - Energy Corps Member → APPLY
Ouachita LogoOuachita Electric Cooperative seeks an Energy Corps member to engage with approximately 500 community members to initially educate them about energy efficiency which will result in approximately 400 of those community members perusing home energy Clinton Foundation Logoefficiency retrofits that will immediately save them money on their utility bills, improve the comfort of their homes, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ninety-three percent of the nation's persistent poverty counties are in Rural Electric Cooperative service territories and there is a distinct correlation between poverty, substandard housing, and the disproportionate energy cost burden that low income households typically face. Utility-provided on-bill financing of energy efficient improvements can help fix the high bill and energy-wasting vicious cycle. The Energy Corps member's activities will be based out of the Clinton Climate Initiative - HEAL office in Little Rock, but the member may be deployed to other regions of the state as needed to serve in the communities where the participating electric cooperative is based. If this occurs, travel (reimbursement), lodging, and meals will be provided by the program.

Winrock Logo5. Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development - Energy Corps Member → APPLY
Winrock International seeks an Energy Corps member to offer education and outreach about community, farm, and household renewable energy, efficiency, climate resilience and "green building" solutions and technologies in underdeveloped communities globally. Winrock International has a mission to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. With a strong Environment program focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation in the world's most fragile and poorest places, Winrock has a strong body of experience and evidence working worldwide, particularly in clean, renewable energy and green buildings, and a desire to share this information more widely in Arkansas.

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